Behavior Development Solutions

The New Social Story Book

15th Anniversary Edition
Revised and Expanded
New sections include pre-school
children and young adults
By Carol Gray
Future Horizons / 2015
Paperback / 254 pages

Social Stories™ provide REAL social understanding! Carol Gray developed the Social Story™ in 1991 to promote social understanding in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Now, nearly twenty five years after their inception, Social Stories have become a standard approach for teachers and parents all over the globe, and the stories are more effective than ever!

This 15th Anniversary Edition of The New Social Story™ Book offers over 180 of the most requested Social Stories, each one professionally developed by Carol Gray. But it doesn’t end there—Carol also teaches you how to write Social Stories yourself! Years of experience and trial-and-error have led to updated Story guidelines. Carol explains her fine-tuned process in the included ten-step learning module The Social Story™ 10.2 Tutorials—perfect for parents and teachers!


Mistakes Can Happen on a Good Day

It Was Fun but Now We’re Done

When It Is My Turn to Listen

Saying What I Think with Respect

Learning to Respond to Bullying

Telling My Teacher about a Problem

Fire Drills at School

Moving to a New Home

Children Grow Kind Of Slow

The Truth about Messes

This Place is Busy


PLUS, to jump-start your story-writing journey, this book comes with a CD containing each Social Story in ready-to-print PDFs AND easy-to-edit Word files! An invaluable bonus!

*Empirical support for the efficacy of social stories is limited, especially when used in isolation.