Generative Instruction: Building a Bridge Between Skills and Inquiry Teaching

By Kent Johnson, Elizabeth M. Street, Andrew R. Kieta and Joanne Robbins
Sloan Publishing / 2021
Paperback / 534 pages
List Price $89

At over 500 pages, this comprehensive work significantly expands on an earlier publication to provide a thorough overview of how best practices in behavioral education can bridge the seemingly endless divide between educators who build basic skills and those who aim to teach inquiry and thinking. This is a must-have for those interested in expanding from direct instruction and fluency-based instruction into higher order thinking and problem solving, as well as teachers looking to build solid foundations from which to continue inquiry-based approaches.

For over 40 years, Morningside has investigated the most effective methods for developing learners, thinkers, and citizens. In this book, the authors describe a technology of instruction based on scientific research that has improved the academic performance of children at schools and agencies throughout the world. The Morningside Model of Generative Instruction combines curated curriculum, formal instruction, practice to fluency, and a focus on directly teaching functional thinking repertoires for generative responding. The result is expert and confident learners who apply skills and strategies to think about the world around them, continue to learn on their own, and solve problems of daily living.