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Derived Relational Responding Applications for Learners with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

A Progressive Guide to Change
Edited by Ruth Anne Rehfeldt, Ph.D., & Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Ph.D.
New Harbinger Publication Inc. / 2009
Paperback / 552 pages

Effective Instruction for Children with Autism

An Applied Behavior Analytic Approach
By Robert F. Gulick and Thomas P. Kitchen
The Dr. Gertrude A. Barber National Institute / 2007
Paperback with DVD / 342 pages
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$74.99 $59.00

Experimental and Applied Analysis of Human Behavior

By Derek Blackman & Julian Leslie PhD
New Harbinger / 2000
Paperback / 322 Pages
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$59.95 $33.00

Using RFT to Promote Generative Language: Volume 1

Integrating RFT and Verbal Behavior to Create Foundation of Derived Equivalence for Early Learners
By Siri Ming, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Ian Stewart, Ph.D., & John McElwee, M.S., BCBA
Hedgehog Publishers / 2019
Paperback / 207 pages
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$29.95 $24.00