Revolutionizing Reading Instruction with Michael Maloney - July 17, 2020 1 pm - 2 pm ET

by Michael Maloney

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If you can read, listen, and press one of 2 buttons on a digital device, you can teach anyone to read fluently.
• 10 million children across North America are struggling to learn to read as you scan this.
• 25% of North Americans are illiterate.
• The illiteracy rate has not changed in decades.
• Effective methods exist but almost no-one is trained to use them.
• We intend to change that.

This 1 hour LIVE WEBINAR will occur on July 17th from 1pm to 2pm, Eastern Time.

The battle over reading instruction has been waged for decades. Two major studies clearly designate the winners and losers. The winners are Direct Instruction  and Behavior Analysis as seen in Project Follow Through and Precision Teaching as outlined in the Sacajewea Study. None  of these is much used because teachers are not provided training  and/or supervision to learn these systems despite their research and consistent success. To end run the training requirements we have arranged for the personal device to do the instruction and measurement. Now anyone who can read can teach someone else to read.

Learning Objectives: 

  • The registrant will learn about blending phonetically regular words
  • The registrant will learn about some design features of Direct Instruction reading programs.


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Picture of Revolutionizing Reading Instruction | Seat Only - July 17, 2020
Revolutionizing Reading Instruction | Seat Only - July 17, 2020
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Picture of Revolutionizing Reading Instruction | BACB CE Upgrade - July 17, 2020
Revolutionizing Reading Instruction | BACB CE Upgrade - July 17, 2020
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