Neurogenetic Syndromes

Behavioral Issues and Their Treatment
By Bruce K. Shapiro, MD. and & Pasquale J. Accardo, M.D.
Brookes Publishing / 2010
Hardback / 328 pages
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An essential pediatrics textbook and professional reference, this cutting-edge volume sheds new light on neurogenetic syndromes using a promising clinical perspective: examining behavioral and psychological phenotypes, with a strong focus on the influence of genetics. Linking science with practice like no other current text on this topic, this comprehensive book combines the latest research of two dozen leading experts and shows how these advances in knowledge apply to treatment and therapy.

Clinicians who work with children of all ages will fully explore:

*behavioral phenotypes of established syndromes, such as Down syndrome, Smith Magenis syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, and Williams syndrome

*the relationship between brain development and cognitive ability as children grow older

*functional behavioral assessment and its critical role in helping resolve behavior challenges

*the distinctive social traits of specific genetically based syndromes

*psychiatric diagnosis in individuals with neurogenetic syndromes

*speech-language therapy for children with social, emotional, and behavioral disorders

*pharmacological management of behavioral disturbance in intellectual disability

*new genetic techniques and technologies that help advance our understanding of neurogenetic syndromes

This groundbreaking volume is a must for pediatricians, psychologists, pediatric neurologists, nurses, researchers, and SLPs, OTs, and PTs in clinical settings. Pre- and in-service professionals will get the foundation of current, in-depth knowledge they need to evaluate and address neurobehavioral disorders—and help ensure better outcomes for children of all ages.