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The Global History Proficiency & Regents Prep Course is not a practice test -- it is a series of learning modules.  Several questions are used to teach each concept.   The student practices each module until achieving 100% correct in the allotted time.   It doesn't take long to go through the modules to get to 100% proficiency, and it's a fun way to review the material because it requires active responding.  The program keeps track of your progress and you can print out or e-mail reports from within the program.  You can submit any questions about specific items to BDS while working on the exercise using the Question Comment feature.  Also, you can review missed questions when finished with an exercise. 

The modules are available in duplicate sets--a "study" module and a "practice" module.  For the study module, the timer is set for 30 minutes (far more time than you need).  For the practice module, the timer is set for (usually) 5 minutes.  We recommend that you complete the study module to 100% (i.e. respond correctly to each question) before proceeding to the corresponding practice module.  The time criterion assures that fluent responding is achieved—the kind of learning that leads to retention.

As for strategy, we recommend that you begin preparing with the Global History Proficiency & Prep Course 1-2 months before the exam.  We recommend that you use the hints unless you are almost certain you know the answer.  Also, we suggest that you work on 2-3 module sets at a time.  When you get to 100% on one module set, drop it and pick up another one.

Each of the 1668 unique questions includes:

  • a hint
  • four multiple choice options
  • corrective feedback for each wrong option

Additionally, each module is prefaced by a descriptive introduction, often containing pictures and illustrations. Each introduction describes all of the information that is taught in the learning module questions. 

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Teachers, Coaches, Tutors and Instructors:

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  • If you purchase bulk licenses, please contact Customer Support and we will work with you to set up usernames, passwords, and licenses for your cohort of learners! 

Return Customers:

A $25 discount is available for return customers making subsequent individual license purchases; if you are a return customer who has purchased an individual license, please contact support@behaviordevelopmentsolutions.com before purchasing and make your inquiry for discount verification. 


A Demo version is available for your use at fluency.behaviordevelopmentsolutions.com. Click on "Try Now," enter your name and email, and agree to the Terms and Conditions to access our online learning platform and a free demo of the Global History Proficiency & Prep Course. It is highly recommended that you use the Demo before making your purchase.

Use Immediately Upon Purchase:

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2a. Individual License Purchases: Login to our training platform at fluency.behaviordevelopmentsolutions.com with the user name and password you created when you made your purchase.

2b. Bulk License Purchases: Contact BDS Customer Support and we will work with you to create a student list, typically in spreadsheet format. We will reach out to your students and provide them with their log in credentials and instructions for accessing the learning platform. 

System Requirements:

Program issues may occur due to the use of an incompatible browser. 
For a list of compatible browsers and devices, and other system requirements, click here.

Refund Policy:

If the program has been used for 1 hour or less you can receive a full refund.  Please contact Behavior Development Solutions for usage evaluations and any other questions regarding refund eligibility.

Please Note:
The purchase of each license entitles one person access to the Global History Proficiency & Prep Course. (If it becomes apparent that a license is being shared, that license will be disabled. You will be required to contact Behavior Development Solutions to re-instate your license. A fee may be charged at our discretion.)

The Global History Proficiency & Prep Course is designed to help learners pass the Global History section of the New York Regents and/or to supplement global history curriculum in or outside of the classroom.  LearnNY is NOT affiliated with the New York State Education Department.  For official information concerning the New York State Regents Exams, please visit the NYSED web site at: www.nysed.gov

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