Learning, 5th Edition

by A. Charles Catania
Sloan Publishing / 2013
Paperback / 529 pages

This long-awaited revision of the definitive introduction to behavior analysis and learning features a complete updating and a reorganization of chapters into shorter segments for maximum flexibility. Flexibility has been further enhanced by the addition of new "Addendum" sections in many chapters that provide additional information for advanced study.

As in previous editions, the 5th Edition presents a coherent treatment of both animal learning and human learning literatures, with special attention given to sources of novel behavior, including shaping and fading, higher-order classes, reinforcement of variability, and equivalence classes. Its coverage of relevant research findings in biology, cognition, linguistics and other disciplines is supplemented by discussions of implications for applied behavior analysis, for ethics, and for social and cultural practices. The author uses experimental data to illuminate the relevance of basic principles to important human issues, such as education, freedom of choice,language, memory, self-awareness, memory, and self-control, and also shows how our understanding of basic processes such as discrimination and verbal governance can help our culture to cope with damaging social phenomena such as discrimination and prejudice.