Establishing Praise as a Conditioned Reinforcer: Pairing with One Versus Multiple Reinforcers | Journal Club Series

by Dr. Nicole Bank, BCBA, LBA-TX | Available for 3 BACB Learning CEUs
This installment in our Journal Club Series will cover the article, “Establishing praise as a conditioned reinforcer: Pairing with one versus multiple reinforcers" authored by Dudley, Axe, Allen and Sweeney-Kerwin and published in Behavioral Interventions. CEUs are provided for reading the article, participating in an online discussion, and completing an article content quiz.

Establishing praise as a conditioned reinforcer: Pairing with one versus multiple reinforcers. Praise is a portable, ubiquitous, and cheap reinforcer for behavioral interventions. However, for many clients praise does not function as a reinforcer. This study compared two strategies to establish praise as a conditioned reinforcer for five participants with autism.

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Establishing praise as a conditioned reinforcer: Pairing with one versus multiple reinforcers. This is an interactive live online journal club. Participants will receive 3.0 Learning CEUs for completing all journal club activities. Participants are required to have read the entire article before attending the scheduled one-hour live online journal club discussion. Journal club discussions will include article details, article results, and implications for practice. Active participation is required. CEUs will be provided after completing an article content quiz on the BDS learning platform. Only those who read the article and actively participate in the live online discussion will be invited to take the content quiz. BDS is interested in increasing scholarly activities and discussion among BCBAs and BCaBAs. Stay tuned for future CE events in the BDS Journal Club Series!

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  7. Receive 3 CEUs.


  1. Provide rationale for establishing praise as a conditioned reinforcer.
  2. List at least two evidence-based strategies for establishing praise as a conditioned reinforcer.
  3. Describe how this study was conducted.
  4. Summarize the results of this study.
  5. Identify how the results of this study should influence clinical decisions in practice.

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