Essential First Steps for Parents of Children with Autism

by Lara Delmolino, Ph.D., BCBA-D & Sandra L. Harris, Ph.D.
Woodbine House Publishing / 2013
Paperback / 154 pages
Old price: $21.95

When autism is diagnosed or suspected in young children, overwhelmed parents wonder where to turn and how to begin helping their child. Drs. Delmolino and Harris, experienced clinicians and ABA therapists, eliminate the confusion and guesswork by outlining the pivotal steps parents can take now to optimize learning and functioning for children ages 5 and younger. The book covers:

  • early indicators of ASD in children younger than 3 years
  • behaviors of 3 to 5 year olds with a confirmed diagnosis
  • research about effective treatments & teaching methods
  • strategies for boosting play, communication & self-help skills
  • support for the rest of the family

Case studies and a review of evidence-based interventions and proven practices help parents prepare a strong foundation for their child's future development.