Deliberate Coaching

By Paul Gavoni and Nicholas Weatherly
Learning Sciences International / 2019
Paperback / 192 pages
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Forget the old concept of “behavior consequences” as either good or bad, othat rewards and reinforcement are the same thing. According to Gavoni and Weatherly, there is a much bigger picture we’re missing. Deliberate Coaching introduces the science of human behavior, or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This powerful technique is based in scientific research on learning and performance, and works within any field to accelerate achievement and performance for all outcomesCEOs of Fortune 500 companies have used it to realize fiscal growth and positive culture change, while school leaders have re-energized failing schools. Deliberate Coaching is a toolbox of behavioral techniques for educators and leaders who are looking to move their coaching from haphazard to deliberate. Leaders will understand: 

  • How teachers can efficiently improve instructional performance 

  • How to encourage children with disabilities to communicate 

  • How to achieve measurable goals in school improvement plans 

  • How to move from reactive to proactive leadership 

  • How to make significant impacts on the performance of teachers and students by starting small and working smart