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June 2019

OBM (Organizational Behavior Management) has become quite the buzzword within the field of ABA. We are proud to announce a brand new online CE opportunity, Intro to OBM. The course reviews the definitions, concepts, and principles of performance management and how to apply them to work related scenarios.

Learn About OBM and Earn 1 Type 2 BACB CE Credit!

Course Objectives:
  • Define performance management
  • Identify an example of a PIC
  • Identify examples of a NIC
  • Identify key element of a PIC/NIC analysis
  • Define Pinpointing
  • Identify an example of a pinpoint
  • Define performance feedback
  • Identify a characteristic of effective feedback
  • Identify an effective method for selecting reinforcers in the workplace
  • Select appropriate ways to deliver reinforcement effectively
  • Identify the proper use of goals in performance management
  • Identify key information needed in setting goals.  

About the Author: During a career that spans nearly 10 years Nicole (Nicki) Postma, M.S., BCBA, has worked in diverse settings that includes clinic, school, outpatient and foster care. Through this period, she has been able to effectively combine her clinical and OBM backgrounds to enhance the quality of care and the client experience, either directly or indirectly, for over 400 clients located across the U.S..

Exciting Position: Behavior Analyst, Clinical Interventions

Job Summary
The Clinical Interventions Behavior Analyst position participates in clinical reviews coordinated by the Anchorage School District Special Education Coordinator, BCBA. The Behavior Analyst assists in the implementation and coordination of behavior analytic interventions for students with disabilities attending the Anchorage School District across all ages and grades. The successful candidate is expected to research, develop and implement special education curriculum and interventions related to behavior management. The successful candidate would also assist principals as needed. This position reports to and is evaluated by the Director(s) of Special Education. The position has a retirement association with the Public Employees’ Retirement System (PERS).

Job Requirements
The following is required:  
  1. A master's degree in education or a behavioral health field.
  2. Three years of experience working with children/adolescents with developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, mental health issues, and/or challenging behavior.
  3. Board certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Licensed as a Behavior Analyst in the State of Alaska within 6 months OR within 1 year with 5 years behavior analytic experience.
  The following are preferred:
    1. Minimum 3 years successful school-based experience.

      Evidence of:
      1. Exceptional communication skills.
      2. Exceptional interpersonal skills.
      3. Experience with conflict resolution skills.
      4. An understanding and the ability to deal with family and school teams’ special education issue.

    Demonstration of:
    1. Ability to use technology for record-keeping and research.
    2. Extensive knowledge of ethical practices and professional standards related to children with mental issues or disability.

(Click to View full Job Description)

This position may be required to work in ASD facilities on the military installations (JBER). Please visit or email for additional information. The Anchorage School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Looking for your next step? The Next Step Academy is HIRING in Houston, TX!

Founded in 2005, The Next Step Academy is a day-treatment center in Houston, TX that is passionate about unlocking potential through therapeutic education. We work primarily with individuals who have Autism and other learning challenges, from toddlers through adulthood. 

We are seeking a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst, to join our clinical team. Primary job responsibilities include ensuring quality services to our clients in the treatment center, supervision of direct service providers, parent education, treatment planning, and training. Competitive pay, full benefits, including health insurance and paid time off, and a fun, friendly and growth-minded work environment. 

Must be willing to work in the treatment center on a daily basis, supporting the implementation and fidelity of clients treatment plans. Must be currently certified and in good standing. Texas now requires behavior analysts to be licensed by the state and carry LBA or LABA credentials - must have this licensure or be willing to acquire it. 

If interested, email Jennifer Fernandez, 
For more information about our company visit our website


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Interested in saving some money on great books? Topics include ABA Practitioner tools, ethics, autism, and more!Interested in saving some money on great books? Topics include ABA Practitioner tools, ethics, autism, and more!

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