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March 2020

Spring is in the air and daylight savings time begins on Sunday. It's nice that our cell phones automatically adjust the time and it is one less thing to do. On our "to do" list is upcoming conferences. We are happy to have an extra hour of daylight especially for the conferences that take us on the road. If time permits, please stop by our booth and introduce yourself. It is always wonderful to put a face to the name. Thanks for your support!


Meet the Webinar Author - DR. ENNIO CIPANI, Ph. D.
BDS Booth 210


Are you posing these questions to parents?

* Why do you think s/he does ________?
* Do you think s/he does _______ to get attention or get something?
* Do you give him/her _____ when s/he does _______? (really!)
* Do you think s/he does _______ to escape something?
* When do the problem behaviors seem to occur?

Will the results of such questions yield a viable hypothesis? For example, asking the parent "Why do you think your child does _____?" do you really expect much to come out of that other than "because he has autism?" I have been involved in treating problem behaviors in people's homes for decades, and I became extremely unhappy with asking parents such questions. Do parents have the requisite understanding of environmental selection to yield information that reveals motivative variables and the subsequent behavioral function?

I believe I have a better alternative for interviewing parents, one which poses specific questions about specific motivative conditions (using the webinar handout; Cipani EO Home Behavioral Interview Form)?

Sign up for this one unit CE offering (Knowledge of Cipani BCS is a prerequisite, see web page for detail). Find out why the above questions are not viable in identifying behavioral function, and what is better.

Saturday, March 7, 2020
10 AM - 12 PM
BDS Booth 210


New to Our Bookstore


Aubrey C. Daniels & A. Darnell Lattal

The RBT Book
By Yendri Diaz & Pedro Claduio

Trainee Manual
By William T. Courtney, Breanne K. Hartley, Vince J. LaMarca, Mary Rosswurm, and Dennis H. Reid

The Professional RBT
By Adam Ventura, M.S., BCBA & Janet Vasquez, M.S., BCBA

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