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March 2021

March brings about new beginnings, change, and hopefully the return of warmer weather! Read on as this month's Climate Corner addresses the recent extreme cold weather and the connection to Climate Change. Check out our new books, peruse our clearance book sales, and plan to attend one of our various upcoming webinars.

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Climate Corner: From the Center for Behavior and Climate

Climate Change Linked to Current Cold Spell in the U.S.

by Caroly Shumway, Ph.D.

Throughout a wide swath of the United States in February, people suffered from extreme cold: frozen pipes, no heat for days, and water unsafe to drink. The situation caused some to falsely claim that the cold shows that climate change does not exist.

What is the connection to climate change?

People often confuse climate and weather. Atmospheric scientist Dr. James Marshall Shepherd on a recent NPR episode had a good analogy: "Weather is your mood; climate is your personality."

Generally, the day-to-day temperatures and precipitation that we experience are weather-related and not climate. Climate describes the averaged weather conditions of a region. But weather extremes can be linked to climate change. Some have quirkily termed that global "weirding." Observational scientific evidence from 1988 to today points to Arctic warming being linked to more extreme cold weather here and in Europe, like the extreme cold spell that much of the U.S. experienced in February.

Image Credit: Andy Mahoney, NSIDC

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