8-Hour Supervisory Training for Behavior Analysts - 9.5 CEUs - 12 month license

Become a supervisor! This course was developed in partnership with Drs. Jon Bailey and Mary Burch, is approved for 9.5 Learning Supervision BACB CEUs, and meets the BACB’s requirement for an 8-hour, competency-based training. This course is based on the 2.0 BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum. The activity involves watching videos, completing fluency-based learning exercises, and completing quizzes along the way. This course is sold for individual use. Each learner must have their own subscription.


Developed in partnership with Drs. Jon Bailey and Mary Burch, this fluency-model course is approved for 9.5 Learning Supervision BACB CEUs and meets the BACB’s requirement for an 8-hour, competency-based training. You can purchase this course even if you are already a supervisor. BCBAs who are already supervisors can decide to retake a new 8-hour supervisory training, and the CEUs earned may be used towards recertification. If your original 8-hour training was based on the previous Supervisor Curriculum, you can stay up to date by taking this course!

The activity involves watching videos, completing fluency-based learning modules, and completing quizzes. The content is based on the 2.0 BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum.

To obtain a certificate for your 9.5 BACB Learning Supervision CEUs, after completing all other modules, go to the "Finishing Up" unit and complete the brief survey module. You will then be able to access your certificate via the "CE Certificates" menu item, located in the upper-right hand corner of the learning platform dashboard. To manage your CEUs on the BACB web site, please use our ACE Provider # OP-02-0017.

Work towards becoming a supervisor at your own pace and from the comfort of your home! This course contains a series of comprehensive video presentations that cover each content area of the 2.0 Curriculum. Videos and quizzes were developed by Dr. Jon Bailey and Dr. Mary Burch. Throughout the course, the learner has the opportunity to review the material; hints and feedback are provided every step of the way.

Dr. Jon Bailey and Dr. Mary Burch

The learning modules correspond with the sections of the BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum 2.0 Outline and include:

1) The Purpose of Supervision

2) Strategies & Outcomes of Ineffective Supervision

3) Supervisory Relationships

4) Planning for & Evaluating Competence

5) Positive Relationships

6) Behavioral Skills Training (BST)

The BACB’s Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline & Task List can be accessed via this link: https://www.bacb.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Supervision_Training_Curriculum_190813.pdf

Additional details about the requirements for individuals pursuing and maintaining supervision can be found at the BACB’s website via this link: https://bacb.com/supervision-requirements/

Our favorite features:

  • a personal study scheduler to help you complete the course on time
  • immediate corrective feedback and rational for incorrect learning exercise answers
  • hints for each and every learning module question
  • each section includes quiz modules
  • engaging videos explain and expand on each topic



  • Given questions about the purpose of supervision, select the options that comply with the BACB’s Supervisor Training Curriculum outline.
  • Given questions about the important features of supervision, select the options that comply with the BACB’s Supervisor Training Curriculum 2.0 outline.
  • Given questions about Behavioral Skills Training (BST), select the options that correctly describe how BST should be used by supervisors.
  • Given questions about delivering performance feedback, select the options that best describe how performance feedback should be delivered by supervisors.
  • Given questions about evaluating the effects of supervision, select the options that best describe how supervision should be evaluated.
  • Given questions about ongoing professional development, select the options that best describe appropriate ongoing professional development activities.

About this course:

This course uses a hybrid fluency model and read-and-test model.  The fluency model involves answering a series of questions, first during acquisition modules (one hour per module), and then again during fluency modules (which have a shorter time criterion).  The fluency model provides many opportunities for practice.  Each question is accompanied by a hint, to be used unless you are absolutely certain you know the answer. When hints are used properly, fluency-based courses can be errorless or near-errorless. Keep in mind that fluency-based courses employ a practice (active student responding) model that involves completing learning exercises that are similar to tests, but include hints and feedback. Concepts are learned when users consistently make correct discriminations on questions designed to teach concepts and promote generalization. ALL LEARNING MODULES NEED TO BE COMPLETED TO 100% TO MEET CRITERION. This course is recommended for BCBAs and BCaBAs.
Mandatory Disclaimer: The Behavior Analyst Certification Board® does not warrant, endorse, sponsor, approve or partner with the CE events, this organization, or instructors. (Note that the above disclaimer does not mean that the BACB disapproves these products. They simply don't endorse any CE products or events and they want you to know this. However, they do approve providers and BDS is an Approved Learning CE Provider. Therefore, you can rest assured that your CEUs will be accepted by the BACB.)
Supervisory Training for Behavior Analysts 2.0 - 8-Hour Course - This training program is based on the BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline (2.0) but is offered independent of the BACB.
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