Since 1998 we've helped behavior analysts become Board certified, primarily through our CBA Learning Module Series, the premier exam prep and curriculum supplement for behavior analysts in training. We’ve helped our clients achieve success by applying the scientific principles and methods of applied behavior analysis to the development of instructional content and software. More specifically, we use goals and specific measurable objectives to teach the discriminations necessary to ensure that those objectives are learned. We then provide plenty of practice to ensure fluency and maintenance. 

Although our primary customer-base has been behavior analysts, we also provide customized online training to other human service organizations and private companies. With our web-based learning platform, we are able to provide training to virtually anyone connected to the internet with a PC, Mac, iPad, and most mobile devices. If you have training needs, please get in touch. We may be able to help.

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CBA Learning Module Series TL5 (v9)

ALL applicants will be tested on the 5th edition task list beginning on 1/1/2022. If you are approved with the 4th edition task list, it means that your coursework is approved and that you will not need to take classes covering the 5th edition task list.
These are the modules your professors and colleagues told you about--the one that approximately half of the people preparing for the BCBA/BCaBA exam use and for which there is a 98.5% pass rate and a money-back guarantee. Based on the BACB's 5th Edition Task List, TL5 (v9) features over 4,000 learning module questions distributed across 200 learning module sets, 9 highly comprehensive Unit-Test assessments, and a Mock Exam. Subscriptions begin on date of purchase.
FREE DEMO available - try it before you buy it!

***This version is designed for students enrolled in Verified Course Sequences aligned with the 5th Edition Task List and for learners taking the exam in 2022 and beyond.

For exam preparation through 2021, please refer to the CBA Learning Module Series TL4 (v8)

The BACB 5th edition task list is now in effect and ALL applicants will be tested based on the 5th. Although your coursework may be approved under the 4th edition task list, you will be tested on the 5th. The BACB provides the following information: The 2022 Transition: What You Need to Know - Behavior Analyst Certification Board (

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RBT Readiness | 40 Hour Credential Training for Behavior Technicians - 180 Day License

RBT Readiness is a course based on the BACB's RBT 2nd Edition Task List and it meets the BACB's requirements for a minimum of 40 hours of training.

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License active for 180 days.
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RBT Exam Prep & Curriculum Supplement TL2

The RBT Exam Prep TL2 course includes updated information to correspond with the 2nd Ed. Task List. It is a tool for prospective RBTs who would like extra practice and to increase their chances of passing the RBT examination. Pass Guarantee included!

This is not the 40-Hour course required by the BACB to sit for the exam. Click “DETAILS” to view product information. Take advantage of our special limited-time introductory price! Bulk pricing is also available!

Comenzar a estudiar inmediatamente después de la compra. Puedes elegir entre una suscripción de 3 meses o una de 6 meses.



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Conceptual Instruction Learning Module Series - 10 BACB Learning CEUs | Modality: online asynchronous - 12 Month Subscription

by Dr. Kim M. Kelly and Dr. Stephen Eversole | Available for 10 BACB Learning CEUs
The Conceptual Instruction v2 course will teach you how to develop learning module content using BDS's Conceptual Instruction Teaching Model (CIM).

8-Hour Supervisory Training for Behavior Analysts - 9.5 CEUs - 12 month license

Become a supervisor! This course was developed in partnership with Drs. Jon Bailey and Mary Burch, is approved for 9.5 Learning Supervision BACB CEUs, and meets the BACB’s requirement for an 8-hour, competency-based training. This course is based on the 2.0 BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum. The activity involves watching videos, completing fluency-based learning exercises, and completing quizzes along the way. This course is sold for individual use. Each learner must have their own subscription.

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Understanding Concepts: A Tutorial on Layng | 3.5 CEUs - 3 Month Subscription

by Stephen Eversole, Ed.D., BCBA-D and Nolan Williams | Available for 3.5 Learning BACB CEUs
“He calls all animals a dog, all utensils a fork, or anything with a screen an iPad...” If this is a learning problem you’ve had to resolve, this may be the course for you. In Tutorial: Understanding Concepts: Implications for Behavior Analysts and Educators, Layng (2018) provides a conceptual foundation and pedagogical strategy for understanding and teaching concepts. This course begins with a reading of this article and concludes by completing modules that help to ensure that the learner masters the material.